“Adam (and his team) have done an excellent job of getting to know me and my company’s corporate culture. This enables them to respond very quickly when we have a hiring need. HART has been a key partner in building our team.”

Our Recruiting Services are tailored to your needs and level of position

Is your company looking for highly-qualified Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics and/or Manufacturing talent? We are Supply Chain recruiting experts who can help you find not just the right tangible skills, but the intangible traits that make someone a fit to your specific company talent! HART has helped Fortune 100 companies, smaller mid-market companies, start-ups and Private Equity firms find the right talent to lead their Supply Chain organizations!

Not only do we help you find the right Supply Chain talent, HART can do it with a service that fits your company’s needs and level of position. Click below to read about our services offerings:

  • Contingency Recruiting

  • Retained Search


Contingency Recruiting

We offer Contingency Recruiting services typically up to the Director level. Different than most firms, we only accept contingency assignments we know we can fill AND we treat them just as seriously as our retained searches.

Our recruiting process works as follows:

Develop a profile

We make it our business to understand your company, your players, the position, and the attributes of the ideal candidate.

Develop the position description

We will assist you in developing a position specification that will guide us through the applicant recruiting process.

Develop a prospect research strategy

With your input, we will develop a target company ‘hit list.’ Using this hit list, together with our database, extensive network, and advanced recruiting technology tools, we will identify ideal candidates.

Present prospective candidates

We present candidates based upon your specifications with a resume and a synopsis of their background.

Assist in the interview process

First impressions are critically important for you and your company, as well as for the candidate. We will assist both parties in preparing for the interview. We will de-brief both you and the candidate after each interview in order to facilitate the offer and acceptance process.

Offer and Acceptance

By pre-selling your company and the opportunity throughout the process, we can provide you with our expertise in developing the right package.


After the offer is made and a start date has been agreed upon, we will stay in touch and follow-up with the candidate until they join your organization

Retained Services

HART offers Retained Services when a client company wants a trusted recruiting partner to act as an extension of the organization. Our recommendation is that the Director level and above searches be conducted on a retained basis.

At this level of leadership within an organization, it is imperative that the client company and search firm work together in a partnership to identify the key skill sets, backgrounds, experiences, and cultural traits required to make this new leader successful!


Retained searches represent a commitment from both sides that the search is critical to the organization and both the client company and search firm will work in unity to find, identify, and recruit the best candidate for the role. HART has a 10-step repeatable process that we use for every retained search to ensure our client’s success.

For every retained search we accept, we conduct the following:

  • Needs Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Candidate Screening

  • Competency Evaluation

  • Candidate Presentation

  • Client Interviews

  • Reference Checks

  • Offer Negotiation

  • Retention Follow-Up

Industries We Serve

HART is a functionally (Supply Chain) focused recruiting firm. We have served clients in practically every industry; hence, we call ourselves “industry agnostic”. Regardless of your industry, if you are looking for top Supply Chain talent we can assist you. Additionally, if you want to see candidates only out of your industry and/or from direct competitors – that’s what we will do! Below is a list of industries we have supported in the past. HART does have expertise in CPG and Food & Beverage.

  • Appliance

  • Computer/Software

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Food & Beverage

  • Biotechnology

  • Building Materials

  • Industrial

  • Food Production

  • Medical Supplies

  • Grocery

  • Wholesale/Distributor

  • Paper and Packaging

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Cosmetics

  • Office Equipment

  • Chemical and Metals