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“Over the last 10+ yrs I have used HART to hire dozens of employees. My relationship with them spans multiple companies and industries. Simply put, they deliver exceptional talent.”

Our Clients

Positions We Fill in the Supply Chain Discipline

We have filled practically every position that exists within the supply chain. Below is a brief synopsis of the assignments we fill most frequently:

  • Vice President Supply Chain
  • Director of Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Director of Planning & Forecasting
  • VP of Procurement
  • Demand and/or Supply Planning Manager
  • Director of Procurement
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Director of Distribution
  • Distribution Center Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Director of Transportation
  • Transportation Manager
  • VP of Manufacturing
  • Director of Manufacturing
  • Plant Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Engineering Manager

Our Recruiting Process

HART has a 10-step repeatable recruiting process that we employ for every search we execute.



With offices in Dallas, Chicago, and New York Metro, HART Executive is a highly specialized supply chain search firm with a recruiting staff that has over 100 years of recruiting experience. HART focuses on nationwide searches from the Manager to C-Level throughout the E2E Supply Chain.


  • We talk to, source and screen Supply Chain candidates every single day!
  • We have thousands of Supply Chain professionals in our database and network!
  • We have helped multiple organizations “staff up” during major transformations!
  • As a boutique firm, we can go after your competition because we have fewer contractual relationships than the larger firms!
  • We have a 70% success rate on Contingency Searches!
  • We have a 99% success rate on Retained Searches!
  • We offer a Candidate Retention Program on all placements!
  • We are Supply Chain experts!

    HART makes the effort to get to know the hiring manager and company culture - to truly be able to find the right "fit" for every candidate we submit.

  • SPEED:

    HART clients typically receive pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates within 10-business days.

  • COSTS:

    HART fees for service are cheaper than the national search firms.


    HART offers Contingency, Retained and Project Based recruiting services.

  • NO RISK:

    HART retainer fees are not at risk. If we do not fill the position, our clients can apply that retainer to another search!


    HART only works in the Supply Chain. Our recruiters know what every role does. Hence, every candidate HART submits - will meet your requirements.


    We have a 70% contingency success rate and a 99% retained record.


    Each search is assigned a Managing Partner and a Candidate Recruiting Team (typically, a Senior and a Junior Search Consultant).


    As a boutique recruiting firm, we only accept searches we know we can fill and each project we accept is just as important to us as it is to our clients.